Home Birth Midwife Montpelier Burlington Vermont. Pregnancy, birth, postpartum care.  Insurance and Medicaid accepted.

I have a fiery passion for birth work, families, and babies. I would love the opportunity to talk with you about the birth you are envisioning. I enjoy walking with families in a relationship of equals. I aim to empower you to make the best decisions for your own family by sharing my knowledge of evidence and practice with you. I bring fresh skills, safe care, deep knowledge, and all of my respect and love.

I offer complete pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and newborn care for low-risk normal pregnancies and clients. I have offices in Montpelier and Burlington and serve a 1.5 hour radius of either town. I accept VT Medicaid. I was the first CPM, LM in the state to become a participating provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield VT. I am in network with Cigna Healthcare. I accept self-pay clients. I strive to make my services widely available by maintaining a flexible fee structure including barter/trade opportunities. I offer free no-pressure in-office consultations, and I have regular daytime and evening office hours so you don't have to use your time off until after the baby.

I have worked hard to build skills and knowledge to provide midwifery model pre-conception care to LGBTQ clients or clients who have struggled with infertility. I offer guidance around assisted reproductive technologies including guidance around home IUI (intrauterine insemination).

There really is no one “kind of person” who plans a homebirth.

Whether you live in an apartment, a yurt, a trailer, or a house, eat calamari for breakfast, hate celery, listen to Katy Perry, wish you worked for the circus, listen to baseball on the radio, work in an office, enjoy coffee, secretly hate chocolate, feel younger than you are, or older than you look, like contra dance, can't carry a tune, love coloring in coloring books made for adults, or all/none of the above. Homebirth is for people like YOU!

Let’s talk.

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We are lucky in Vermont to have a thriving community of homebirth midwives.  Families here have choices when they want to work with a homebirth provider, and midwives have a cooperative group of peers to collaborate with, back up, and peer review with.  I feel very supported by my colleagues in Central Vermont.  I know I always have the assistance I need, and I love being part of such a friendly close community. 


My assistant

Sienna Flanders CPM, LM is my assistant at most of my births.   Sienna owns her own business, 8generations Birth Services , and I assist at her births as well.  I treasure this mutually supportive relationship. We each bring our own set of unique strengths to each birth, but compliment each other well, and work together with an ease that is unmatched. 

About Sienna:

"I believe in supporting the natural processes of birth and taking advantage of the tools we have at home or in hospital as needed. After having my 3 children at home I was drawn to becoming a midwife to make sure that families continue to have access to safe nurturing pregnancy care options.

I have a Bachelors of Science degree from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. I then taught high school for a year before becoming the accountant for Annie's Naturals. After my second son was born I was lucky enough to stay home full time. We then began homeschooling which continued until my eldest was 10. When my second decided he would start school that fall I started on my path to becoming a midwife.

I trained at the National Midwifery Institute, a MEAC certified midwifery program. Spent my clinical hours working with homebirth midwives in Vermont and at a Freestanding Birth Center in Utah. Over my 3.5 years of study I had the pleasure of working with 10 different midwives. Each with different expertise: homeopathy, herbs, hypnosis (calming for birth) alongside their awesome midwifery skills. My own 'skills' basket brims over with all they have shared with me. My education continues as I work with other midwives and attend conferences and trainings regularly. 

I am certified in Birth Emergency Skills Training (B.E.S.T.), NRP and CPR. I serve as the Secretary of the Vermont Midwives Association and maintain membership with MANA and NACPM."


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