Home Birth Midwife Montpelier Burlington Vermont. Pregnancy, birth, postpartum care.  Insurance and Medicaid accepted.

I have a fiery passion for birth work, families, and babies. I would love the opportunity to talk with you about the birth you are envisioning. I enjoy walking with families in a relationship of equals. I aim to empower you to make the best decisions for your own family by sharing my knowledge of evidence and practice with you. I bring fresh skills, safe care, deep knowledge, and all of my respect and love.

I offer complete pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and newborn care for low-risk normal pregnancies and clients. I have offices in Montpelier and Burlington and serve a 1.5 hour radius of either town. I accept VT Medicaid. I was the first CPM, LM in the state to become a participating provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield VT. I am in network with Cigna Healthcare. I accept self-pay clients. I strive to make my services widely available by maintaining a flexible fee structure including barter/trade opportunities. I offer free no-pressure in-office consultations, and I have regular daytime and evening office hours so you don't have to use your time off until after the baby.

I have worked hard to build skills and knowledge to provide midwifery model pre-conception care to LGBTQ clients or clients who have struggled with infertility. I offer guidance around assisted reproductive technologies including guidance around home IUI (intrauterine insemination).

There really is no one “kind of person” who plans a homebirth.

Whether you live in an apartment, a yurt, a trailer, or a house, eat calamari for breakfast, hate celery, listen to Katy Perry, wish you worked for the circus, listen to baseball on the radio, work in an office, enjoy coffee, secretly hate chocolate, feel younger than you are, or older than you look, like contra dance, can't carry a tune, love coloring in coloring books made for adults, or all/none of the above. Homebirth is for people like YOU!

Let’s talk.

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We're lucky in Vermont to have lots of choices for doula support during and after birth.  There are too many great ones to list, but these are some of my favorites (not all, and in no particular order!)  Everyone deserves a doula! 

802Baby--Amy Needleman, birth and postpartum doula in Burlington, Montpelier, and surrounding areas.

Low Moon Wellness--Tessa Landrea-Grasmuck offers full spectrum doula care from pre-conception to postpartum, she is also a community herbalist.  Serving Central Vermont and Burlington and surrounding areas. 

VT Birth and Baby--Nichole Cunningham birth and postpartum doula in St. Albans and surrounding areas.

Welcome to the World Birth Services--Emily Piazza, birth and postpartum doula in Westford, Burlington, Montpelier, and surrounding areas.

Radiant Families--Sarah Bolton, birth doula in Burlington and surrounding areas.

Birth Journeys--birth doulas. Burlington and surrounding areas.


Birth Photographers

It can be hard to locate a stellar photographer for your birth in our tiny state, but these folks knock it out of the park. 

VINIA Photography--Marcy took many of the photos you see on my site and materials.  She photographed the 2018 Summer Born Potluck (see gallery.)  Specializing in. Maternity, Birth, Fresh 48's, Newborn, Baby, Toddler, Little & Big Kids, Birthdays, Announcements, Mommy & Me, Engagements, Small & Large families, Groups & more!

Kelly Fox--She creates stunning artistic photographs of the whole family.  Her birth photography is out of this world. 

Brown Eyed Photography--Beautiful birth photography within a 2 hour radius of Plattsburg.  Offering doula services as well!

NEK Images--Amazing photographer in the Northeast Kingdom.  Miranda took many images that are displayed on my site and in my gallery. 



We are lucky to have tons of amazing chiropractors in VT. These are some of my favorites in no particular order.  Different chiropractors accept different insurance plans (and some take no insurance.)  There is a chiropractor for almost every type of insurance in VT (including Medicaid) so explore the options if that's very important to you. These chiropractors see pregnant folks and most see babies. 

Hardwick Chiropractic--I see Rick when I need chiropractic and have seen him for many years.  They're all great there. This is gentle chiropractic.  

Riverside Chiropractic--Jae is another gentle chiropractor I love.  Montpelier. 

Woodhaven Health--Dr Alyssa is a consistent client favorite. She is Webster Certified (for help turning breech babies) and is awesome with babies and kids.   South Burlington. 

Drs Marko Family Chiropractors--Whole family, pregnancy, great practice.  South Burlington.

Farrell Chiropractic Center--Incredible folks here, great holistic care.  Jericho.

Hemmett Health--This fantastic practice offers chiropractic, physical therapy, and pelvic floor physical therapy.  Offices in Montpelier and Burlington. 

Synergic Health--Erin is another favorite for my clients--great with little ones too.  Richmond. 


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Breath and Bone--Devon Byers is an extraordinary Craniosacral Therapist in Central Vermont.  She sees pregnant (and non-pregnant) folks, babies, and even offers home visits in the area for newborns when needed (especially great when the family is already acquainted with Devon and her work).  Her website is currently under construction, but you can book by calling or texting 802.272.1681, read more about CST here.  She does deeply profound work, I see her regularly. 


Prenatal and Fertility Massage

Nadine Budbill--Nadine is an incredible massage therapist who sees everyone, but specializes in the time around childbearing including during pregnancy and compassionate massage therapy for fertility and the time around trying to conceive.  I see Nadine, myself. Montpelier.  

Sarah Bolton--Sarah sees folks during the whole childbearing year and beyond.  My clients love her.  Burlington. 


Childbirth Education

Birth Journeys--They offer Homebirth specific childbirth classes as well as short Comfort Measures classes (and more!) Burlington.

Empowered Childbirth--This class is for folks planning a home or hospital birth and is focused on evidence based and holistic practices.  Montpelier. 

Birthing From Within--Marianne teaches these lovely classes, based on the book Birthing From Within, in Central Vermont--reach out to her to find out what she's planning or to request a class!

Good Beginnings--Classes for the childbearing year, all FREE.  Central VT. 














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